# FTP-7585VA

Riley Park, Vancouver
1 child - 7 years,
Desired Start Date: ASAP
Salary: $25-30 Gross per hour

Placement Requirements:

  • Hired as an employee
  • Light Housekeeping Required
  • Salary negotiable
  • Driving required
  • Parents at home: sometimes


Additional Details:

Starting ASAP, this family is seeking a nanny figure for their son, but since he is in school full time, they require someone who is also confident and flexible in helping with house management. Work week will vary depending on if the child is with the mother or father, according to their working schedules.

ONLY those that speak Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, or French as a first language will be considered.

The child will be the overall focus and Mom and Dad want to make sure he is engaged while he's home. The nanny will need to drive him to and from school as well as any activities he might have. She will also be responsible for cooking, errands, light housekeeping and managing appointments as needed.

They are really looking for someone who is proactive and confident in taking charge to manage the family schedule and being engaged with their little one, involved in activities and hobbies. Scheduling appointments, dinners, playdates, etc!

Please note that the schedule for this family requires extreme flexibility from their nanny, but between the hours of 9am and 1pm/2pm, ff you need to book appointments etc in that time, that would be okay.

Driving is required and a vehicle needed.

No pets.

No screens/media.

Location and times will alternate between mother’s and father’s residence.
(Riley Park and downtown Vancouver).

4 days per week,7:30am - 5:30pm, or 1:00pm - 8:00pm

Monday - Friday
Work hours will change depending on the on-call nature of mother's job in film/television.

Typically 3 - 4 days per week, ~4:30am - 7/8:00pm. Days may be shorter, depending on her work.

Start time will be confirmed the night before (when mother receives the schedule for the next day). And the exact finish time of the day is unknown until the day’s work is completed.

Changes happen often, and equanimity, adaptability, and harmony is key.

A message from the family:

We are looking for our nanny who is loving, kind, fun, creative, positive, peaceful, adaptable and proactive. A nanny who loves working with children and is familiar with the Waldorf philosophy of raising children. We are looking for someone exceptional to join our family who is self-motivated and competent at managing tasks, creative with activities, being a proactive part of the childcare-parent team, helping with research, sharing ideas, and scheduling lessons.

As parents we are both working and have rather differing yet demanding work, so it is important for our nanny to be on top of things and step into the role with leadership, resourcefulness, and responsibility.

We would love to have a nanny who could share their culture with our son including language (either Spanish, French, Mandarin, or Russian as a mother tongue), music, stories, foods, and customs! Nourishment and nurturing are important, so we desire our nanny to have a love of cooking, knowledge of healthy foods, and providing care and nourishment through meals. As parents we are active in inner growth, and hope you are also open and inspired to grow your personal potential and work on your dreams and life mission.

We are open to new ideas and would like your help in create a nurturing thriving environment, adapting to the developmental stages of childhood with love, joy and harmony. We truly look forward to meeting you!